When I left Mystic Falls, I thought it was the right decision, the best thing I could do. But now I have decided it was time to come home. I expected for everything to be the same, but I found my sister shutting herself off from the world and my brother, who using drugs and alcohol to get over the tragedy that has just happened.

The death of our parents and the reason I have decided to return home or what I used to call home. My sister was mad about me leaving and my brother just found me annoying.

My life became a lot more complicated when I met them again: The Salvatore Brothers .

I was caught between them once and about to get caught between them again and so was my sister. And then there would be Jaz, who was one of my best friends before I left, who now seems to want more than friendship from me.

How did this become my life?

Sophie Gilbert has returned from boarding school in New York to find Mystic Falls completely changed

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